Friday, April 18, 2008

YouTube Pick of the Week

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

50 Things About ME!

1. I'm obsessed with ballet but don't want to take any ballet classes.
2. I have a duet with another person in my upcoming dance performance. Duet as in no one else is moving!
3. I played a whole year on Harvest Moon 64 in a day over spring break.
4. I hate bad grammar or language (I.E. Caroline's Blog).
5. I have had my ears pierced but I never wear earrings.
6. In 7th grade I was the biggest overachiever in the WHOLE SCHOOL no joke.
7. I really wish I could act like my friend Emma Munson.
8. I'm super jealous of my shadow because it's stretched out... so I look like I'm tall and thin.
9. My ELP teacher is insane. She told us.
10. This same teacher knows everything in the whole world. One day when we were working on grammar one kid randomly raised their hand and asked about fault lines and the ring of fire, and of course Ms. Domanski pipes up and teaches this whole lesson as if she just read a science teaching manual.
11. I love Jason Mraz and John Mayer a TON.
12. My step dad thought I was 12 for a while.
13. My brother RJ is 16 years older than I.
14. I'm as tall (if not taller) as my almost 16 year-old sister. So she's almost my little sister who's older than I.
15. I speak fluent HTML.
16. This is EXTREMELY depressing but I have read any Harry Potter book of your choice more than the Bible or Book of Mormon.
17. I've taken 7 and 1/2 years of piano and I still can't read base cleft notes or understand the circle of sharps (drop and leave the circle of flats. My piano teacher Megan vows to never try and attempt to teach me it again).
18. I am out of dress code every single day at Clayton.
19. I can get away with anything I want in the dress code. Easy. Yesterday I wore a totally obviously scandalously brown skirt. EASY.
20. I make the bratty b@!#$ show choir girls jealous by my rule-brake-and-get-away-with-it ability.
21. I have a surprisingly realistic sheep, llama, and goat (any kind you want varying from pygmy to mountain) sound.
22. I know like every "modern" song ever made. NO Beatles or oldie stains.
23. I totally SCORE at Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros 64. I even beat a Vietnamese kid, and he was really good. Dang it all Asians are! (That isn't racist)
24. I am a professional procrastinator. I actually plan my homework throughout the day it's due so it will just be done as soon as we're asked to pull it out.
25. I love the French language.
26. I don't tan. I burn bad, peel, and then be white again.
27. I love Helen Keller jokes (no offense HK). You have to say this out loud to make it work, so say it to a spouse or somebody but.... "Why couldn't Helen Keller drive?" .... wait for their response.... then shout like it was totally obvious "BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMAN!!!" turn on your heel and walk away laughing your head off, peeing your pants, crying, or whatever you do when you're amused.

28. Ok, Ok one more. This one is my step dad's favorite - you do it if somebody is being really annoying and you want them to shut up. "Knock Knock!" "Who's there?" "Interupting starfish!" "Interupting sta --" And right when the person is midway through their reply you quickly reach your hand out (with spreaded fingers) and shove your palm onto the persons face. (By the way this was dedicated to Gerritt Hansen. Use this joke all you want Gerritt! but not on me please...)
29. I really want to quit piano, but don't want to at the same time.
30. It is exceedingly rare that my friends actually get one of my strangled thoughts.
31. I love making fun of the sevie's (7th Graders') blind contor drawings in the halls with Maria.
32. My Mom has this amazing talent of signing me up for random babysitting jobs without asking me if I was even DOING anything that day.
33. Oh, and when I was little (like 4) my Mom tricked me into thinking that vacuuming was a GREAT treat and you only got to do it if your were REALLY good! Like a better than candy treat.
34. As a baby, my sister Caroline would put me in a doll stroller and one time she actually pushed me down the stairs. Yeah! I was buckled in and everything!
35. As a toddler my siblings would put me in a blanket and through me up in the air while they were jumping on the trampoline.
36. One of my colarbones is bigger than the other because I broke it at a young age.
37. When I'm thirty, my step dad will be 72.
38. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new 2006 Phantom of the Opera.
39. I HATE HATE HATE HATE Abercrombie!!!!
40. I've been known for my stories that I have written since 1st and 2nd Grade.
41. My third grade teacher (Mrs. Moyle at Uintah Elementary) just recently had a midlife crisis.
42. My room is right by the stairs so every time my parents use the stairs they look in my room to make sure it's PERFECTLY CLEAN. To make this shorter lets just say that I'm grounded every week. Caroline's room is sorta hidden in the back of the basement and her room hasn't been clean since January.
43. Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Destroy all Humans, Harvest Moon, Guitar Hero, DDR, the original Mario, the original Super Smash Brothers, all War and Star Crafts, Black and White, the original Sims, and Oregon Trail 1 are the best games EVER INVENTED!!!
44. Speaking of Warcraft, I could play that game and totally own before I could even read.
45. I'M A NERD!!!!!! sometimes... but not always. I mean come on, every one has to nerd out a little bit!
46. My art teacher doesn't really like me so she wouldn't let me into advanced art, but my art was picked by the District out of 5 in our school and I got overall 3rd place in 14 middle schools! HA HA SUCKA MRS. OWEN!!! BEAT THAT FOO!
47. One day in the summer when I was like 11 my 20 year old brother (at he time) actually said this, word for word, "Wow, I feel so weird.... I haven't watched Yugioh in like three days..."
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50. I can draw some mean stick figure G's. Yeah, they're my bros.