Monday, June 6, 2011

I finally feel ready to make another post.

I don't know why it's taken me so long---maybe because of AP tests and how my creativity and drive has been sqeeezed out of me like toothpaste---but I am now ready to make another post on this good old site for public humiliation. Ah, blogs. What do do with you.

So much has changed since that last post... So much I would never believed if you had told me back in March. Oh dear. In a way though, I'm glad that there is a gap; it sort of illustrates this change that I've been going through.

Well, I'm not moving to Boston. That's big. I thought I was going to for my senior year, but alas I am not. This probably makes me the happiest out of all of the significant things that have happened these last few months because it so elegantly ties into everything else good that has been going on in my world.

We were all so positive that we were moving, but in the course of ten minutes my whole future changed for a second time and I saw myself living here and being able to stay in this homely valley. I can't imagine any other way of being now. Believe it or not, I'm actually glad it happened, as in the whole ordeal. Sure, it was the source of a lot of stress and worry (not to mention blunt fear) but it really did so much for the better in my world. I learned so much about myself and my peers through the process, and I even made a new best friend.

Today, it is my birthday. I'm pretty sure this is the best one so far because it has been so different than the others. For one, it's the first time my birthday has been at/during school. And secondly, I got to spend some wonderful time with the best friends and family anyone could ever ask for. They're all better than I deserve, that's for sure.

In such a contrasting tone to my last post, I would like to announce to the world that I, indeed, am happy.