Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ideas, discoveries, recognitions, attainments....

Whatever you want to call them, due largely to the lack of upkeep on this blog, I am going to post some simple thoughts I've been having lately.....

  1. IS ZELDA AND THE OCARINA OF TIME NOT THE BEST GAME EVER INVENTED??? It's freaking amazing. How do I live during the hours that I'm not playing it? In close second and third and forth are Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy, and Super Smash Bros. Overall, I have to say that Nintendo and Blizzard are the best game-makers out there. Viva la 64!
  2. Counting off, all the kids in my family are married now! WEIRD. I mean, I have a big family. I always have just assumed and percieved myself as 6 years old, and marrige and or even highschool was eternities away. Just go watch DragonTales or something on TV and you're all set! But, now it's just Caroline and I who are left...... ahhhhhh!
  3. How lucky are we really to live in America? I mean, when my brother was in Rio de Janerio we would try to send him little things in the letters to keep him happy (like Koolaid Packets--Hey, he really liked them!) but it always happened to be the letters that we sent with goodies never reached him.............. *cough*
  4. DANG YOU WIRELESS MOUSE! Now I have to use my mom's computer (the amazing one, of course.) which I'm not entirely complaining about except it has none of my music. The mouse on Caroline and my computer died AGAIN and while I was updating my iPod library, cutting here, adding there, making playlists... But I didn't finish, so my iPod is completely lacking in everything except, let's face it, techno, Enya, and french rap. Ouch.
  5. Why are resolutions so HARD? It sounds so easy to just say to do _____ every day during the summer, but NO.
  6. School's out! Even though through a terrible fluke through the public school system (dang you also) I got only 4 signatures in my forty-freaking-five-dollar yearbook, it's all cool. I get to now run in the rain, jump in puddles (not denying it), and leave tens of extremely long messages on my friends' voicemail while they're out of town. It's a party.
  7. When I'm not working. I have SO MUCH TO DO. My mom has been advertising all about the website I built for her buisness, so I have to build three more in this month. That's not counting the summer homework, dance programs, hours of chores a day, babysitting for family and neighbors, dog training....etc. That's why this blog is so sad. I'm trying to manage my time as best as I can, while also fitting in all the calling and getting muddy-ness.
  8. Planning... I'm going to have a birthday party up at my cabin on July 7th and 8th. I have a lot to do in that area too. Dang. I just remembered.
  9. Remembered has a LOT of E's.
  10. Rich people suck. I mean really, what do they DO with all their time? Do they just sit around, stare at their housemaids, drink tea, reorganize their personal library, and donate to causes? All of this rant is supposed to make me feel less jealous. Oh well. Long live middle class. We all know it's worse for a lot of people, and I'm not saying I'm not greatful for what I've got.
  11. I'M ADDICTED. To reading.
  12. Speaking of addicted, my mom is postive that soap operas are an epidemic across America. No joke. She won't even let us watch 5 minutes of one while we work.
  13. The music on my playlist (bottom of page) is really not music that I listen to normally. If it all was on my iPod, I think that it would all have to be put under a playlist called "Nice, Pleasant, Reading Mix".
  14. I'm going to have to write a #14 on my list because it's bad to end on 13.
  15. Not that I'm superstitous or anything, cause I'm not. There are those crazy people out there who won't live on floor 13 in a appartment building like the Friendship Manor, so the owners are forced to disconnect the 13 button in the elevator and call the 13th floor the "14th".
  16. Though some tracking systems that I have on my blog, I see that people from all over the world have looked at my blog. Why? I don't even know how Pam found my blog...(QUE FOR ENLIGHTENMENT IN MY COMMENT BOX) It's so weird. Once in a while you get weird comments from random people who all you can say to is "Who the heck are you??"
  17. Interior Designer Mom: Plus side- Cool house. Down side-literally THOUSANDS of fabric samples!!!!!!! I'm going to stab someone in the neck if I have to organize another scrap of Hickory Chair "silk heaven".
  18. I really need to study the driver handbook! Hopefully I'll get my permit really soon, yay driving!

I think I'm going to have to stop now. My brain rejects thinking about all that I have to do. Ugh. Baby steps. Blog, now done! Move on to......... chores. Yaaaaaaaaaay.