Friday, April 24, 2009

A Corn-ocopia

Sometimes, I think my mom is insane. Eccentric and touched, but harmless. Depending on your perspective.

Her latest fling was creating a vegetable garden DREAM in our backyard. For weeks (I tell you) we've been planting, ordering, seeding, buying, tilling, painting, staining, watering, and in my mom's case, severely sun-burning. But that doesn't stop her! She works day and night, in sleet and snow, and through complaints of her unhappy children. Most just call it learning to ignore.

As of tonight we have the following planted (drum roll please):

Carrots, beets, turnips, nine Brussels sprout bushes, two kinds of lettuce, spinach, mint, parsley, rhubarb, peas, more peas, giant tomato plants, three kinds of bell peppers, Greek oregano (intoxicating smell), sage, rosemary, chives, string beans (yellow kind and green kind), cucumber, and soon to be corn, zucchini, and squash.

Wow, I don't know if I'll ever be clean again. I've planted SO much today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So, so sad.

AHHHHH! My blog is decrepid! It's derelict, dilapidated, destroyed. I can't believe that I've let all of this come to.....this. This lack of upkeep, lack of voice.

Then I shall post!

What's been going on.....hmm... Well, I guess I'll start with the beginning.

When I last posted, I mentioned me being a lead in a play. What I really meant was, I was a lead in a play. Easy as pie. The play was called "Alice", one of five student-written, student-directed, student-performed one act plays in a festival called "Take 5". "Alice" was about a girl who goes to therapy, and explains her life's troubles through fairytales. It's really hard to explain in a nutshell like that, but it's a REALLY good play. Well written. I was the therapist, I actually played a big part, mainly as an antagonist in her fairytales -- my favorite being the mad hatter in the final tale.

My play was a blast. I made so many friends - seniors, juniors, everyone. But another play didn't have as much fun. "Bible Camp", a HILARIOUS comedy written by one of my best senior friends, Coco Mack, was completely canceled on closing night. The day of, directors were notifyed by our administration (grrr) that the cast wasn't allowed to perform their final night. People were in shock, it was during school that they found out. Finally, by the end of the day "Bible Camp" was able to perform if and only if they changed their ENTIRE play to "Wizard Camp". Costumes had to be altered, lines had to be removed or rewritten.... It was utter chaos. A news group actually came and interviewed us, read their story here. Man, way to knock out our rights to perform and freely speak in one blow. Everytime that somebody gets up there on that stage, they're at risk of being offended at, booed, etc. Obviously, our administration hasn't seen any of the Monty Python plays. Those still run, they are funny. People love them. They can choose to be offended. But us kids? We are devoid of those rights.

Which brings me to the attention of how minors don't really even have rights in the first place. What happens when we talk to our parents, and they disagree or don't want to hear it? We are told to shut up. No rights there. We must follow whatever they say, there is no way of revolution or changing of laws, no peacable assembly or even rioting of our government. When you really think about it, the only right that we have is the right to not get beaten. Nice. Family is a dictatiorship, it's a bubble in our constitution. Does that seem right? Give us a little more, will you?

This week, a TOTAL prep asked me if she was a prep. She framed her question in a way that was timid, but set prep-ness in a bad light. What do you say to that anyways? Do you tell her the truth, but run the risk of hurting her feelings? I seriously don't know, and that's what I told her..... um...?

Heh heh, yeah so I'm starting to think that our school being the official "East High: Home of the Wildcats" (inside AND out) is not that bad of a burden as it has once seemed. We get tourists in almost every day hoping to see the auditorium, our giant leveled lunchroom, Sharpay's pink locker...etc. [Seriously though, just wander through the whole school! They filmed everywhere.] I actually gave some chinese people a tour last week or so, and they gave me 15 bucks! Score! But, I am sad to report that they WILL be back. I am 90% sure that Disney will be making a High School Musical 4. They just put up a ton a weird decorations again, like banners and planters covered with the generic red and white... My geography teacher says that the producers told the faculty to count on them returning soon, and I think that this day is pretty much here. I mean, our school doesn't really care (except for the students really) because they always buy us new sound systems and cool banners (the ones from the third movie are ALL still there), and just recently (again, third movie) they broke all of our bleachers in the big gym where all of Troy's (gag) basketball games are held evidently from "too much dancing" on them. So, they bought us new bleachers. Talk about redistributing wealth, it rocks. My gym teacher is trying to auction off the real wood planks in the movie on eBay. Watch as they are sold to several creepers hoping to hold them close and sniff them... Don't scoff. It's true. I've seen them in real live. Like EVERY. DAY. at school.
Well, I'm sick of typing now and I don't want to think of school during spring break, so I'm going outside to soak up some sun. And probably jump off the roof onto the trampoline like I did relentlessly yesterday.