Monday, February 9, 2009

I've been FRAMED!

This little 3 and a half year-old boy isn't as innocent as he looks. He loves to steal people's phones, he knows EXACTLY how to find the games on anyone's computer, and he loves playing with iPods.

This particular incident happened in January, but I'm still fuming over it. I was walking through our hallway upstairs when I saw Max crouched in the corner holding my mom's phone. Oh great, what is he doing now, I think as I instinctively reach for the screen. My eyes fall upon a familiar game that was being played: Bejeweled. We've all played it. This would have been no big deal and such if I hadn't known for a fact that my mom's phone DIDN'T have Bejeweled installed on it. Max had bought it.

Now hold your judgements! I would like to say that it WAS possible and it DID happen. All you had to do to install that particular game was push:
Center Button: open menu
Center Button: open media center
Center Button: open Get Fun & Games
Center Button: open Get New App.
Center Button: open Featured Games

And it just so happens that Bejeweled (being the most popular cell game of all time, next to Tetris) is at the top of the list. Push the center button to "Suscribe Monthly Fee". After the game is installed, push--guess!--the center button to "Run Now".

Trust me on all of this - I actually CHECKED. I brought the phone out to the living room where everybody was chatting after dinner. "Hey look you guys, Max bought Bejeweled on Mom's phone!" Of course, NOBODY believed me. Emily didn't even look up; "Don't try and blame it on the little 3 year-old, Hannah. We all know you did it." I got dry chuckles and faint yeah-rights from everybody else in the room - except my mom, who of course demanded immediatly that she didn't care who put it on, but needed it off that very SECOND.

I stuttered, trying to tell everybody that they had it wrong, but I was shewed away like a dog who had rolled in something that would make your grandma blush. I then looked up the evidence on her phone after safely removing the application.

HE FRAMED ME. That little kid FRAMED ME.

Watch this:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boredom at My House

Truly sorry for my...strange-ness... Truly sorry folks. I made this on Saturday with my friends and sister Caroline.