Sunday, November 29, 2009

Latest Facination

That last picture is funny if you've played the game...
Released 2002 (Amazing graphics for this year -- Squaresoft known for this)
By Squaresoft (Famous for Final Fantasys)
RPG style, Rated E
This game is SO MUCH FUN! You might notice how the game is supposed to be made with Disney, and immediately decide that you wouldn't want to check it out, but I assure you that they only included Disney so they wouldn't get sued. Disney just jumped in for advertisement, then left Squaresoft alone (wise decision) because they knew they would be able to do it great alone.

The game combines characters and settings from Disney animated features with those from Square's Final Fantasy series. The story follows a young boy, Sora, as he is thrown into an epic battle against the forces of darkness. He is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy, classic Disney characters who help him on his quest.

Kingdom Hearts was a departure from Square's standard role-playing games, introducing a substantial action-adventure element to the gameplay. In addition, it has an all-star voice cast which includes many of the Disney characters' official voice actors. Kingdom Hearts was longtime Square character designer Tetsuya Nomura's first time in a directorial position.

The game was praised for its unusual combination of action and role-playing, as well as its unexpectedly harmonious mix of Square and Disney motifs. It received numerous year-end "Best" video game awards, was a dominating presence in the 2002 holiday season, and went on to achieve Sony "Greatest Hits" status. Our particular borrowed copy of the game has "PS2 Greatest Hits" in gold on the top. Since its release, Kingdom Hearts has sold over 5.6 million copies worldwide and has prompted three sequels. Two more titles are currently being developed, which have a connection to a future, unannounced game.

Sounds like a strange combination, eh? Well, I ASSURE you it is fantastically done. Though it is a bit of a shock to see Goofy and Donald wearing Tokyo pop clothing, it is SO cool to be fighting wraiths in Halloween Town alongside Jack the Skeleton (not to mention wearing an awesome/freaky costume). Even though you no longer care, I will tell you that I just beat the Neverland World, AND learned how to fly (score! Really fun actually).

Let's continue nerding out; this is fun.

For all of you with....underdevoloped attention spans/modern intolerance....I have included a more visual demonstration.

The opening. (Que choir chorus "Ahhhh!")

Don't worry, you get over his shoes really fast (phew).

I thought he was a girl at first too.

Check out the graphics when he flips his hair out of the water... cool.

And that's where you start the game: standing on a giant Snow White stained glass...thingie.

Friday, November 27, 2009

That one blog post that everyone seems to title "Gobble!"

I hope everyone stuffed their faces this year.

Note to self - do NOT ever again play DDR right after eating Thanksgiving dinner.

At least there's SNL.

Oh, and new Muse CD? SOOOO GOOD!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I don't know about you, but I've had a lot on my mind lately. So today's post is what we bloggers call a Venting Shrine. Just post a comment anonymously complaining or blabbing on about whatever it is stuck in your head (NOTHING about Justin freaking Beiber or Taylor Swift PLEASE, so sick of it)--trust me, as long as it's legal, it feels nice to get it out.

Feel free to comment as many times as you like, whenever you like.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What I've Been Feeling Lately

Once in a while I act like a child to feel like a kid again
It gets like a prison in the body I'm living in
Cause everyone's watching and quick to start talking, I'm losing my innocence
Wish I were a little girl without the weight of the world

It would be nice to start over again
Before we were men
I'd give, I'd bend, let's play pretend

Remember the times we had soda for wine, and we got by on gratitude
The worst they could do to you was check your attitude
Yeah when fights were for fun, we had water in guns,
and a place we could call our own
How we lost hold of home I guess I'll never know

It would be nice to start over again
Before we were men
I'd give, I'd bend, let's play pretend

And when it's the end,
Our lives will make sense
We'll love, we'll bend, let's play pretend
It's not going to be long before we're all gone with nothing to show for them
Stop talking lives, come on let's all grow up again.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I hope we all had a wonderful Halloween. If you didn't celebrate it, boo hoo. Ha! Get it?


Okay, moving on.

Everybody better have Trick-or-Treated, regardless of age. As this one old-and-fat-comedian-my-friend-told-me-about-last-night once said, "Sure, I love to Trick or Treat. It gives me an excuse to dress up as a superhero. I personally like to be Cat Woman. *Meow*"



Anyway, let's all enjoy Daylight Savings (yesssss), sleep in, and get cavities. If you can't tell, I already have a sugar high.

I wish I could eat a whole box of Swedish Fish without feeling like I have to shave my tongue afterword.

Happy November.