Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Oh my gosh, I can't believe my mom. I mean, some things I can totally understand, but THIS is a little far. She wants me to take off everysingle time that it says my name or my age. It's like, ok I can see putting your adress and phone number is a little out there, but COME ON! I'm not gonna get raped or kidnapped if I put my LAST NAME. Sheesh. Oh well, we'll just see how it all turns out...

Congrats to Oliver for being able to be mobile again!

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mleinslc said...

Actually, you really shouldn't put your last name or age. People can easily look you up by your full name and get your address and phone number! I just had some creepy weirdo frim Germany looking at a pic of Max's bum on my blog - you can't be too careful!

PS - Post pics of the tree!!