Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Picture or Two to Ponder

"Oh No!" The little boy cried to his mother. "The trees are cold out in the snow!" "There, there my son. We know what to do," replies the mother, winking heavily in return.
Before this measley day, I did not think that "knitting" and "wicked" could fit together in one sentence without the word "not" inbetween them. I was sadly mistaken.
MMMM..... It's a delicious blueberry pie, warmly knit. Enjoy it while it's hot!
While you're eating that, you can enjoy texting with this lovely knit iPhone!

Gamble away your money with these lovely knit dice!
They roll softly, so your wife can't hear you.

Look! It's a knitted Russel Brand!

Mmmmm... Breakfast... I can just taste the hairs on my tongue after taking a scrumptious bite into one of those babies.

I swear, whoever invented knitting had A LOT of time on their hands.

..... Um ..... yeah .... I have nothing to say about this particular picture....
This woman clearly was running out of ideas on this homemade quilt.

Ok... WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Who would want to cuddle with that ball of crap with a long knit yellow noodle sewn to it?! Here you go grandchild. It's ok, you're safe with this stuffed kiwibird. It will protect you when Mommy's gone. CSH, whatever, my butt.
I mean, what ever happened to the traditional mittens?
Sorry folks -- I take it back. Knitting is still ... knitting.
The latest in music videos -- even better if you click on "Watch in High Quality" underneath the Views label. By the way; nice bangs, Lil Mama.

5 Love Notes:

Fern said...

how do you put a url in a blog entry?? i can't figure it out!! sweet knitting pictures! where ever did you come across such clever works of art? *shakes head and hacks and coughs violently*

Emily said...

You're hilarious, Hannah. I'm loving the commentary!

Crazy Walker said...

Oh my. I think maybe I'll make my little son a dear kiwi bird to snuggle with. "Watch out for your eye little boy!"

And I didn't know anyone under the age of 30 even knew who ABBA was! Props chica!

Caroline said...

oh hannah *shakes head* i think you want one of those little knit things for youe very own don't you. i'll make you one for your birthday, in ... ... ...three days!

Rusti said...

LOL- I was just about to go crazy try to figure out where in the WORLD that crunching sound was coming from! Thankfully, I did finally notice the sheep. Sheesh!