Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Excuse

Sorry everybody -- my computer crashed a while ago and we haven't been able to do anything on it..... BUT NOW WE HAVE A NEW ONE!!!! The monitor is HUGE. It takes up a whole shelf in our black cabnet downstairs.

You can't really tell how big it is from these pictures, but it's two feet long and a beautiful sleek black color.We got it from Costco, which I have to admit I had my doubts about at first, but in the end I was very impressed with the selection of electronics that they have there.

It has an Intel Core 2 3600 (I think) quad processor, a LightScribe DVD SuperMulti Drive/ CD writer, an extra expansion bay built in, an HP Pocket Media Drive Bay, it's built in with Windows Vista Home Edition, and is energy approved. I think, if I can remember right, is has somewhere around like 180-190 GB of stored ram, which is BETTER THAN I COULD EVER HAVE IMAGINED compared to the 10-12 GB we had on the last computer. The graphics card though isn't to fancy, just basic, but at least it's an improvement off of our old one!

Oh, and the monitor can turn 90 degrees to the side so it's in portrait mode...

I just got back from YW Stake Wilderness camp, which was a blast, but right now I'm really tired and I am going to take a nap, then post all about the week of indescribable describability.


3 Love Notes:

Emily said...

Yes, yes - I knew you would be beyond thrilled when you got home. I'm foreseeing many a catfight with Carrie over this new piece of entertainment.

Caroline said...

for shizzel. and i think i might copy and paste some of that cool stuff about the computer and put it on my blog too so my friends can see how cool it is. cause they don't go to your blog.

Caroline said...