Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pet Peeves and Drowning

Reading comments on my posts are always entertaining, especially the ones from my last post (I find the whole Spock thing kinda hilarious, though I know I can't say anything really about that, being as hypocritical as I already am) but I have to say how ANNOYING it is that some posts get comments and some don't. I mean, it shouldn't even BE annoying. I don't even know why it bugs me, really, but let me tell you...

Self-pondering aside, over the years of blogging I've realized that the sparce commenting problem is due to post timing. If I put two posts on within a few days or on the same day, people always read the one on top, instead of checking down what they've missed. This is partially my fault because I'm the one posting and choosing when I want to be internetly-social (now a word), but it partly is YOUR fault, reader.

Like with the last two posts--both put on the same day. The one on top really doesn't even MATTER but people decided to comment on that one. The one below had critical corrections but I doubt anybody read it anyway. Still probably think I'm suicidal or something. Oh gosh.

Okay, done with the ranting--now I want to share one of my favorite websites:
It's my hero in so many ways. They have this new game on there which is kind of like Guitar Hero on your keyboard called "Hit Machine", and I'm putting one of the music videos on here because I kinda like the song.

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