Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Encouraging Children, As We Should.

I love the books that people write that are not really for children, but are made to crack up newlyweds and young adults and horrify parents.

One prime example of this is Shel Silverstein's (Author of When the Sidewalk Ends) Uncle Shelby's ABZs. This book is HILARIOUS.

It's a full book, too. Not just with definitions of each letter, but drawings, game ideas, and even instructions on how to make a policeman voodoo doll.

It would be interesting if that money scenario actually worked.

I would definitely recommend clicking on these pictures to view them and read them easily.

Don't you just love Shel Silverstein?

"...Maybe he will buy you a cowboy suit." (I didn't take these pictures, and I apologize for not being able to find better ones via Google, and I also apologize for not wanting to scan by own book in and get arrested.)
I would DEFINITELY recommend this book. It's a great size and perfect for reading on a rainy day. Or in the case of the Rocky Mountains, snowy/blizzarding day like today. There's nothing bad in it, other than being irresponsible and influential to kids. My mom actually insists in the book being hidden at our cabin in a random cabinet cupboard.
Two of my personal favorite pages that I unfortunately was not able to find pictures for:
B is for Baby.
See the baby.
The baby is fat
The baby is pink
The baby can laugh
The baby can cry
See the baby play
Play, baby, play.
Pretty, pretty, baby.
Mommy loves the baby,
More than she loves you.
D is for Daddy.
See Daddy.
See Daddy sleeping on the couch?
See Daddy's hair?
Daddy needs a haircut.
Poor Daddy.
Daddy has no money for a haircut.
Daddy spends all his money to buy you toys and oatmeal.
Poor Daddy.
Daddy cannot have a haircut.
Poor, poor Daddy.
See the scissors?
Poor, poor Daddy. . .

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