Monday, March 24, 2008

Sled Hockey -- The "Tuff Guy" Sport

Ok, so on Friday my family went to a sled hockey game (regular hockey except for disabled people), and I have to admit -- IT WAS AMAZING. These guys have such arm strength and they can move across the rink at really high speeds!

They have a little plastic seat that is sitting on two poles for support. One side of the poles has two blades about an inch from each other while the other end has a small metal loop for balance. Instead of one long hockey stick, they have two smaller ones to propel the sled and to hit the puck. Other than that, the entire game is exactly the same as original hockey!

We were able to go to the game because my mom has a coworker named Erin and her brother is disabled. He is in the Park City regional team (the team that was playing) and he is the all star. His name is Greg and he's participating in a sled hockey team for the 2010 paralympics in Canada. He also loves to downhill ski!

The game that we saw was really great! Greg's the best of his team and the whole audience was cheering every time he got the puck, calling him out by name and shouting. The eagles (G's team) totally killed the other team 7 to zip.

My mom almost peed her pants because it was her first time ever seeing a hockey game. There was even a small brawl and after it was broken apart, my mom turned over to me and cheerily exclaimed, "Wow Hannah! I didn't know this was such a .... a tough guy sport!"

After the momentary fist fight, the involved players were sent to what my mom retells as a "timeout" on the sidelines.

Overall, I would rate this experience an 11 out of 10. It was really exciting, and it really goes to show that even if you are disabled, you can do anything!

Plus, Tom bought me food out of the vending machines...!

3 Love Notes:

Emily said...

-Yay for Greg's team winning!
-Yay for Mom trying realizing the "toughness" of a Hockey game!
-and Yay for Tom not being stingy with the vending machine goodies!
LOVE the slideshow!

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Anonymous said...

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