Friday, October 17, 2008

As you may or may not know:

My sister is living at our house. It would be way fun except that she has two kids under 3 and babysitting is much needed 24/7. All the time. But the upside is that we have gourmet food like every night. I know she would beg to differ from this statement, but hey, it's gourmet for us.

We also got a new puppy! Her name is Maggie and she's a three month old purebred German Shepard. She has a black face and back and she is adorable and amazingly gentle. I didn't name her and "Maggie" wasn't my first choice but......meh. Too late, it seems. I call her when she's being annoying. My mom doesn't approve. Not "lady-like" enough? Heh it's my mom's first girl dog and she doesn't know what to expect.

Enough musing, I'm getting back to the facts. German Shepards are born with both ears down -- the eventually stand up on their own, sometimes one is up and one down for a week or two. When we got Maggie she was like that but now they are both up. She's not as fluffy as the show german shepards that appear first in your google image search, those are American bred GS'. Maggie is a real German GS, and her back doesn't arch down like those fancy shmancy ones, but I don't really like that anyway. I'm really excited because GS' are known for their eagerness to help so you can train them to do virtually anything from bringing in the groceries to helping a blind man out of bed. Famous handicap helper dogs. Yeah, Maggie is going to be my happy supertrain dog. She is SO bringing in the groceries by next year. I'm counting down the days.

I promise I'll get pictures of her on AHY SAP, but my phone got stolen so I can't take them by my own resources.

Oh yeah, so my phone was stolen. At school. During dance. It REALLY sucks. It's just like getting it taken away by a parent but you can't see the light of ever getting it back and it's more expensive. And you loose your contacts. Heh, at least I can look back on that one OCD post last Christmas all about it and mourn.

My parents are out of town right now, they just got back from a trip to Sun Valley, came home for 18 hours and then left for Wisconsin (there now). They'll come back after that and then leave like a week later for ARKANSAS of all places. Buisness trips for my mom, I assume.

So yeah, it's pretty hectic here. With babysitting nephews to potty training pups, we got it all.

4 Love Notes:

vern said...

hey hannah! i was soo excited when carrie told me you got a GS cus i had one and i loved her but then we had to give her away....:( it was sad but ohwell i really want to see her! and im sry about your phone that really sucks . Tow of my friends got their cellphones and ipods and money stolen in dance class so im not surprised but i hope yo udon't feel too bad i dont have a phone...yet so i would n't know how it feels haha (p.s. my username is vern but its veronica if you didn't know :) )

Caroline said...

hannah, this isn't mom's first girl dog!! hello annie?? and i'm sure there are others

Hannah said...

no i know that but caroline, that's what mom kept telling me! her foul then.

Hannah said...

whoops I meant to say "I call her MAGGOT when she's being annoying." somehow that got deleted