Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Old Man and Gal

This is just a short "shout out" (shudder) to my dad on his birthday, and my mom for her birthday ten days ago;

Thanks for all the times in St. George and hanging out on the weekend! Have a great day, Dad.

You are so awesome mom, no matter how many times you ground me (heh.) You are definitely the most talented person I have ever met, you could do whatever for your career and totally serve anyone else. You are a great role model and sorry I didn't post a congrats before.

Happy Birthday again!

4 Love Notes:

Olive said...

Ah! i hate your poll! its not fair! cant i pick both?!

Rusti said...

I love that you shudder after the "shout out". lol

Hannah said...

don't worry you can i made sure that it could handle double votes just check both

vern said...

awww thats cute that yo upost something like this for you r parents haha