Friday, December 26, 2008



Yay! I'm so happy! Just everybody know, there is a story with every picture, and if nothing makes sense, then just comment and I'll tell you the meaning.

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Emily said...

LOVED it! Didn't know what half of it is, but I chalked it up to "art". Great pics!

Hannah said...

Thanks! every picture (except for three - the ones that were really blurry were my mom's work) is taken by it's pretty hairbrained. But there is a picture in Pikes Fish Market that is of the guys who throw the fishes around and the 2nd one is literally seconds before they threw a fish AT ME. it was fake, but every one laughed at me and mom told me I was a good sport. Oh, and the MOST blurry picture is me standing next to the worlds tallest man painted on a wall. And that one picture of Ham, he has a fry in his mouth. AHHH! I have to comment on all of them!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pictures! I absolutely love the shoes. Seattle is probably very fun. I don't know because I'll never go there, the humidity will make my hair frizzy d=

Frabby said...

OMG...that brought back SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many memories for me!!! you are so great...thanks so much! you made my day!Pikes Place was amazing... i want some o' those nature pictures!!
Love Ya!!