Monday, December 8, 2008

Hey you guys!

Yeah sorry it's been a bit of a while... But I have some news! We came back from a trip to Seattle, Washington (actually Everett--it's really close to Seattle) for Thanksgiving. I took TONS of photos and made a whole movie/video (or FILM, as Tom calls it) thing and I was trying to post it on here but YouTube is refusing to work with me right now so....SOON! Really soon. Like next post, I hope.

I also hand created (sorta) my own font! Like for REALS. I'm so excited and happy, it rocks my world, and has rocked for the past 48 hours. I heard of someone who made fonts for people in their own handwriting (that's what mine is, my sah-WEET penmenship. Meh.) for $25 or something. That's a pretty intense job. I may have to try it.... Anyway, I would make my post in it but you alls computers wouldn't be able to read it because it's not installed into the correct file on your hard drive. I know. Life gives you a nice lemon in technology there. But the show MUST go ON! I'll probably end up like typing a page of nonsense in the font and then post it on here as a picture in a desperate attempt to recieve praise. Meh. How depressing.

Wow, the world is full of technical difficulties, isn't it?

Well, we'll all have to bear it for a while until some genius, like ME of course, grows up and makes the world a happy, better place for everyone.

Yeah, tell someone who cares will ya? Haha, no, but that's what the teachers are always telling us (especially in core classes), huh? "And maybe YOU will be the one to discover the cure for cancer!" Sure, sure I will! And what, if i DON'T, I'm a FAILURE? That's a little below the belt to tell little elementary school kids. Sigh, I know, I know. It's just a little tiring after a while.

But why am I tired of praise? Hmm.... Maybe it seems a little bit like an empty praise when somebody tells you it a lot?

Wow, to much self-pondering for the internet. Restrain me, please.

Back to the facts! There's like 17 days left until Christmas, which means like 10 or 11 days until "Winter" break. We donated most of our Thanksgiving break (we can say that one because it's not "offensive") to the small fund of, I don't know.... 2 FULL WEEKS OF CHRISTMAS,!!!!! YES! SCORE! SNOW! Skiing, Sledding, Skating GALORE. I love winter, it's my favorite season. And YES, I do love the cold. Shudder in my glory.

Too bad Tom fervently refuses to use the snowblower and then complains about shoveling the walks. Your problem, not mine, buddy.

Our house is officially decorated now--practically teeming with little santas (I SWEAR they look innocent in the daytime, but are relentlessly evil and freakish in the dark). As my dear friend said today at lunch, yes, it DOES look like it came out of a magazine. Hey, that's what you get when you have an interior designer for a mom. I'm not complaining. I would take a picture of our tree if I had a camera...but.... I don't have a camera. And Tom has TWO but HE won't SHARE it. *Stick tongue out childishly here* It seems like I have no resources at all except this computer (thank HEAVENS) radio? Sheesh. Pitiful. We don't even get the newspaper anymore.

I'm done blabbering for now, and some scones are calling me from upstairs, so goodbye, for now.... :)

PS: My sister Caroline made a new blog called "Tell Us Another Joke!" about her seriously insane like A.D.D physics teacher. Check it out here, it's really funny.

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