Saturday, November 22, 2008

Live Puppy Stream

****** NEW !!! 12/03/08 I took off the puppy stream because it took so long to load, (it used to be right here) but you can still see it right above my playlist at the bottom of this page.

I added a live puppy stream to my blog at the bottom of this page....and here if you are too lazy to look. It's an actuall live stream of the inside of a puppy kennel. Watch you favorites play and chase their tails 24 hours a day. And live a sad and pitiful life, if you really wish to spend your time that way. No, but really, it's a nice way to see puppies with out allergies or cleaning up poop, or even getting up at 4 AM to run your little scrump out the door to do their business. Enjoy and please, don't obsessise over it. I know it's addicting, but we must learn to resist.

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Olive said...

how do you make the comment thingy say "love notes"?

Olive said...

oh and you can compare jacob and edward by the way they are equal. its only a matter of who came first....