Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So Beat the Drums 'cause We're So Thoroughly Mod-ern Mil-lie Now!

Come see my play!!! I don't know if you can see the dates and stuff in this picture (if you can't just click on it) but it's November 13-17 each night (but Sunday) in the East High Auditorium at 7 pm. My school is at 840 South 1300 East. The show is called Thoroughly Modern Millie and it's a 20's styled show. IT'S SO COOL AND WAY FUN, everybody should see it. Tickets are $5 and it's full of family friendly fun and comedy. Today we just had a performance for the elementary schools and it actually went really well, except for a little prop trouble...heh heh. Yeah somebody missed their cue for raising some windows out of the way of moving doors so they broke right before intermission. But that was ALL that went wrong! It still rocked and was by far the best performance (counting like dress rehersals and all). When I was walking home today I passed the Uintah kids all playing during recess and some of them ran over pressing their faces against the fence yelling "HEY WE SAW YOU AT THE PLAY!" or "YOU GUYS WERE REALLY GOOD!". Just little things that make you feel good, you know.

9 More days!

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vern said...

I LOVEEED THE PLAY yo uguys were really good it was soo cute at first i have to admit that i was thinking that it was going to be lame but noo it was sooo goood !! i loved it!