Monday, November 3, 2008

An Update

Did everybody enjoy their Halloween? I had a blast. Yes, I actually went to the Masquerade at East.

Oh my gosh, I've been wanting to write about this for a few days, but It's been the end of the term and I've been super busy....

Anyway, in biology a few days ago we were examining live goldfish under microscopes to be able to see a cell in full function. The sequence went in this order:

Take one happy healthy goldfish in a beaker and prepare it next to your microscope. Get a clean paper towel barely BARELY wet and wrap it the 'hotdog' way so it's an inch wide.

This is the gross part:

You then quickly grab the goldfish out of the beaker and cup it in your hand (don't let it flip and drop) while your partner holds out the paper towel strip. You carefully lay the goldfish near the top of the piece of towel and wrap it slowly and gently into a litle goldfish burrito. It's tail should be sticking slightly out so you can shove it under the microscope to see the cells in it's fin. This all has to be done before your fish dies. If it dies, then the teacher would flunk you. Automatically.

But that doesn't mean that kids are carefull with their goldfish -- right next to me I saw a group drop (accidentally) their fish repeatedly on the counter. It was REALLY sad to watch, but better then what happened near the end of the class period. This girl named...we'll call her Julie...kept picking the poor fish out of the water by it's tail between her fingernails and then dropping it back in. At the end of the ordeal, I couldn't exactly tell what she was doing because she was facing away from me and blocking the view of the glass but some others who were near her asked, "What are you doing to that? Did you just kill it." No answer. But later the teacher saw that it was dead, floating in it's beaker that was studiously placed next to everybody's healthy just used fish. He didn't know who ever did it. It was terrible.

Well, everything is moving on like normal. Some things are boring, some more exciting. Bleh, it's the end of the term soon and I should go get on my homework now. Sigh, highschool really sucks sometimes.

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