Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Publicity, Publicity

Well, haven't I gotten the advertisment lately! Thanks to a post by Rusti, I recieved quite a few comments of my bloggy fury (as of now, that is officially an adjective) on the subject of Vanessa Hudgens' acting return. Well, that was flattering of them. So after brushing off my pants, blushing, and wringing my hands a little, I have decided to share a little love.

If you want to read laugh-out-loud funny quotes from my sister's insane physics teacher (name remains anonymous), check out Tell Us Another Joke! You might just pee your pants.

Want some head spinning, totally awesome thoughts and reflections? Check out Cherrybomb to hear some pretty cool and inspiring posts of a girl around my age.

My sister Caroline also has a blog called Whatever, that has fresh, funny occurences of her day, ranging from embarrasing Secret Santa gifts to 30 minutes chats with our piano teacher - completely about Top Ramen. You will have to learn to look over her gramatical errors and lack of capitalization (shudder), sometimes I'm not even sure she's related to Emily and I.... (cringe)

If you want to listen to sweet ongoings of a kind sister-in-law of mine, check out Up Came The Sun. She is the one who made the recent post of my own anger against VH.

My other sister, Emily (the oldest girl) has a hilarious voice that will make you grin as you read her blog, There Is Beauty All Around.

Want to hear about the most famous fashion industries? Check out Attraction Pour La Mode to hear all about Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, etc., run and managed by my friends Olivia and Flannery. They each have their own blogs, The Olive Tree and The Wild Fern, each with their own unique writing style and fun included.

If you want to hear cute, innocent ramblings of two 7th graders check out When The Violets Come Out, administrated by Chloe (Olivia's little sister) or The Legend of Harper run by Sage (real name, Harper) who is Flan's little sister.

Woo, that was confusing. There are others, but I'm too lazy/uncreative to type more on the subject. Check out the entire compiltion on my blog list.

Now, before you leave, I'll leave you with one last thing to bore you with:
My mom, impersonating "The Hulk" in Cranium. Priceless.

2 Love Notes:

Anonymous said...

Gasp!!! I feel so special!

Caroline said...

haha i have alot to write in 'tell us another joke' lol