Thursday, July 23, 2009


I made a widget! Over here ----------------------------------------------->

Yay! I didn't make it from those little sites that are all "make a free counter" or anything, I actually made it. Took a while, though.

Sorry that the writing is so small, it was hard to get it all to fit in that sidebar, which I didn't even completely manage, as you see the right side is cut off.

You also probably think that it's ironic for me to have an email-link widget over there, when you can just comment on a post... but hey. Some people might not want their comment to be seen by everyone. Or if I haven't been checking my blog for ages and you want to yell at me a bit... I can respect that. Besides, it's not like it gives out my email to the whole world--which is quite handy, if I must say.

I feel so bad that I haven't posted in...uh...more than a month, but I do have a long post in my drafts that I will get published. :)

2 Love Notes:

Fern said...

hannah hannah hannah hannah. i can't believe you actually MADE a widget. what is it like to have that much knowledge in your head all the time? i think it would be exhausting, but then again, i have no idea. you are simply an asian in disguise. an amazing disguise that you made yourself, perfectly engineered to you and only you, and so foolproof even your own parents don't know about it. you sneaky thing

A FRIEND said...

No offense, but what in gods name is a widget?!