Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Know You're White When....

...You come home from a 2 week vacation in a condo literally on the beach in Oceanside, CA to a sister who asks you, "Why the heck do you not even have a tan?!" Then you show her your previous color ("tanline") and all she can say is "...Oh." And turns away from you.

You know you're white when you sunburn like a squealing pig, too.

Although I did suffer the worst sunburn of my existance on that beach, I endured. It's been probably two and a half weeks since I actually got the burn (first day there, how sucky. I had to wear a t-shirt the rest of the time there in the water and felt like a shmuck.) but I'm STILL red. I'm not joking. It doesn't hurt really anymore, it just itches like mad, but before...heh. Wow. It literally felt like every NERVE was a live wire, and even the lightest touch hurt SO FRIGGIN BAD. Not so good to be that burned with also a combination of a dad's habit of patting his hand on your back every THIRTY seconds.

HOW CAN IT BE AUGUST ALREADY? I have summer homework to do still, I'm dancing 5 1/2 hours a day, working to pay for all of that, doing chores, working on other jobs like making my mom's cousin a fullblown buisness website with seriously hundreds (3) of items to be linked with PayPal, and I go out of town every other week. LET ALONE maintaining a blog. My personal website hasn't been touched since... I don't even know. I have no idea how I'm going to make it to the school year.

That's why I'm trying out some new backgrounds and things on my blog. I'm ready for the new. My blog is so depressing I actually decided to NOT name my post "So Sad..." Like I have a billion times when I haven't posted in eight years. It's sort of like if you see a dead, really REALLY rotting various animal on the side of the road that you decide is so..... dead that you don't bring it up to your family.

Okay, so that wasn't the best analogy.

I'm just going to try again. As I have so many times already. But hey, the train made it, right? With all that chugging, he totally tackled that hill. He probably has some serious lung capacity.

4 Love Notes:

Rusti said...

What up fellow white girl! Actually I'm pretty sure you are tanner than I am. I lah-lah-love the new background!

Emily said...

Cute new layout!

Yeah....the tan thing is not happenin for you, my friend. That's ok though - you can be one of those people that just stay white, like Nicole Kidman. Now to get your brain to remember sunblock..

PS - I totally got your analogy of the dead animal.

Hannah said...

We white chicks should have been born in the 20's or something...

Gracie said...

This is Josie on Gracie's account... again. Summer went by way too fast! Its insane... Only eight short days until school starts again.... :(