Monday, October 26, 2009

Dead Fly Art

Dead bored and grounded? Notice too many dead bugs on your window sill? We have the perfect entertainment for you. And it's art, too!

Just pluck the legs off of any type of bug you want, and draw it doing whatever you want!

And the best part -- No required materials! Everything you need can be found in any house, from mansion to shack.
Search those windows sills, and chop those suckers off!
Fly is fun and personalized...

So start mutilating bugs to keep your mind away from how sucky you feel, today!

6 Love Notes:

Gracie said...

hannah sweetie, this is cute. but also very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

i never would have thought that an UGLY FLY could end up looking so cute...
the only part keeping me from doing this kind of "art" would be plucking the little sucker's arms off...ew.

haha i think its really funny that the person making these has them speaking what is it? German?
the last picture literally made me lol.
you were right. i did enjoy that.


Anonymous said...

oh by the way, my blog is updated, but it isnt showing up on anyone's list of know, the following thing?
it's my older post.
so you should check it.

Hannah said...

Gracie: I know, right? That's why I put it on... It's alarming, yet humorous.

Olive said...

the flies are speaking swedish...

Hannah said...

D'you know what they're saying?? or your mom, I guess?