Wednesday, October 14, 2009


High school. I think everyone cringes when they hear that word.

Isn't it interesting how those four years you live are the most influencial years of your life? Whatever decisions you make in high school will determine how you live for your existence as an adult. Think about it.

And isn't it strange that those are the most hormonal, emotional years?

Sometimes I think that humans are impatient. Which they are. But I'm talking about how from the moment that we're born, information is thrust down our throats. It feels like adults are so anxious for us to be like them in as little time as possible that we're forced into 7+ hour days of schooling. We're shoved through vigorous years of schooling, and then what? 50 years of work. It's a little unproportional. I mean, I'm all for letting a kid think for himself (I REALLY am) but isn't it sad when you see some little kid in elementary school who has an old soul? Who's been forced through so much in life that you can actually see on his outside that too much has been pushed onto him. A kid.

Just look at Marie Antoinette. She was forced into being a queen at the age of 14. She had no choice, and absolutely no experience. She didn't even know what the outside world looked like. Then they got all mad when she sucked at ruling, and had her beheaded. Not a great call there. Come on.

Like I said, I'm all for teaching a kid to think for himself, but sometimes it feels like history and math and even science is a little too much sometimes. How cliche of me, a high school girl, to be saying this; "Parents just don't understand." or the occasional "Leave me alone!" But hey, a saying becomes cliche because it's used a lot, and maybe it's used a lot for a REASON.

I make myself laugh sometimes. Half of my mind tells me I'm a classic teen, and the other half tells that side to shut her mouth. It's pretty distracting sometimes. But that's for another post.

I know that things will be a lot harder when I'm a parent. Harder to sympasize, harder to slow down. But that's why I want to remember what being a child is like. How a child feels, acts, and thinks. One of my favorite TV shows talked about this, how adults sometimes forgot this. I want to remember what it felt like to turn your first flip on the moneybars, or what it was like to loose a toy. Those are feelings that we don't (can't) care about anymore. I'm scared I'm already losing it. But I want to remember them so I can be the best parent possible.

But of course not one of those overbearing, pretending-to-be-a-cool-understanding-teen-lover, parents. That's also a whole 'nother sha-bang. That's not at all how I aim to be.

But I don't want to forget. I don't want to lie and say to myself that I sort of understand and remember what it was like to be a teenager about three decades ago. I want to say, "Hey. I know you're living in a whole different time right now. Things are way different then when I was a kid. But I love you. And this is what I think:" And just pour my heart out, neither forcing nor pretending (really lamely, I might add.)

Will you remember? Do you, reader, feel the pressure too?

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Anonymous said...

wow hannah, thanks. I totally get what you mean, and i feel the same way. I do feel like im so "typical" least thats what all the adults tell me. Just stop and think, every time an "adult" gives you advice, think of them as a child. Nobody's perfect, and they've probably done the same things as you have, so maybe listen. Im not trying to be really critical or anything...
but have you noticed how it's ok for adults to be hypocritical? I mean, I cant tell my mom to stop talking, or that i dont want to listen to this excuse, or do something with the family, but it's alright for an "adult" to do that...for them to run off and have a wonderful life.
the truth of it is, paying bills and voting doesnt, and never will, suck as much as life in high school.

Hannah said...

Well said, Fran.

Yeah, I've noticed, and voiced it a few times. Bad idea.

Amber said...

I feel the pressure. The most important four years- but also the four years with the most chances to screw up, and with the most peer pressure.
My difference is that I (have learned to?) thrive in this pressure of trying to shove my brain with knowlege as much as I can and take advantage of these four years.
try it. :)

oh and highschool in a different country with a different language- whole other story... :)