Monday, January 18, 2010

The Internet

I like to think that the internet lets you be who you want to be, but I'm always a little nervous. I often run into people I know on here (even when I'm using a subtle username) and it's awkward to see eachother's comments on YouTube. It's like running into them at the grocery store, as my best friend put it when we had one of these mishaps recently. It's weird.

And seriously, what's with my address here? Sure, it makes it easier for people to find me, but it also... makes it easier for people to find me. Man.

I'd like to think that I'm some kind of caste-system rebel, or self-confidence giant, but I'm definately not. And looking back at some of my older posts.... well I kind of want to delete them.

But I don't! I want to be me, too.

Gah, I don't know.

2 Love Notes:

A FRIEND said...

Ah and that is the beauty of the anonymous me. However, I think I am actually less myself here on the internet then I am in real life.

Anonymous said...

very nice. Refreshing. love the new background, by the way. I need a new one. how do i do it without erasing everything??
your technologically impaired friend...