Monday, March 24, 2008


I know this sounds REALLY weird, but for me, writing novel work is somewhat of a passion. I CAN'T write anything that's like persuasive or sci-fi or anything with great confidence, it's just novels or stories that works with me. ( oh, and don't judge from the writing that I have done on this blog -- I'm just messing around! lol)

If I go for a while without writing down something, the weirdest things start to happen. Little by little my life starts to turn into one of my stories. I often find myself narrating my life as if I was in my own book. I keep on unconciously choosing good chapter titles and intro paragraphs, or deciding on a good approach to portray a certain feeling.

Well, it's spring break and I haven't had the usual pressure in my ELP class to constantly produce on-demand writing work, and my brain feels like it's going to EXPLODE! I came and wrote this little post to vent a little so please pardon me!

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