Wednesday, May 6, 2009


One one bleak afternoon, I got on to my blog to only hear one song - "You've Got a Friend in Me (Walt Disney)". AHHHHHH! I mean, I like Disney and stuff, but WHERE did my MUSIC go? I was REALLY mad.

So, I've had to redo my ENTIRE playlist. . . . Which I have procrastinated for quite some time now. I bet you readers were actually extremely pleased when my playlist died, not having to wait for it to load any time that you wanted to read my [brilliant] posts. Or letting it crash your computer.

So, sorry for all of you people who now would like to run a knife through their most precious internal organs - I've officially recronstructed my entire playlist. I don't have near as many songs as I had, but I think it's nice and slim. Good selection.

Hey, I'm happy. Enjoy!

4 Love Notes:

Probably Not said...

Someone likes Across the Universe

Hannah said...

lol... yep. have you seen that movie?

Caroline said...

... *getting a knife* jk

Hannah said...