Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Speaking Words of Wisdom

Don't you love it when somebody says something that just makes you think and think about the things that you've never even once considered? That makes you open you mind a little wider, lets you see the world outside of your window?

Well, today seems the day for everybody I know to speak incredible words of wisdom (que Beatles song). Can I quote a little?

From Emma's blog:
Did you ever think you may know someone their whole life and never really KNOW them? I mean there are so many secrets we hide and just kind of stash away and hope no one notices. Everyone just goes around pretending like life is fine and stuff, even though we all know that this is going on. And then some people are so concentrated on keeping up their image and facade that they don't notice that other people even have these masks we wear to hide even bigger things. Yeah, we all pretend that we are all "true to ourselves and everyone else" and stuff, but are we REALLY that way? I mean i know a ton of people (who will remain anonymous and who probably wont ever read this anyway) who act like they're all up front with everything and then you find out (through a long and complex process most likely) that they wear so many masks, THEY don't even know who they are and its just a total mess. I mean, I wear masks too, I'm not gonna lie about it. I'm not saying that there's some magical solution to it all or anything. I'm just trying to say the brutal truth about the thing that everyone else likes to pretend doesn't exist. I mean admittedly there are a lot of blogs about facades out there, but has anyone really admitted to wearing one themselves? Because it kind of seems like this is a thing that people likes to blame on others when everyone has one.

From Pam's blog:
In comparison with the universe, humans are very small. I mean, you might think Texas or Russia is big, but it's not. The entire earth in fact, is a mere grain of sand in the vast emptiness of space. Truthfully, if the universe is never ending, we're even smaller than that. But it doesn't feel like that all the time. Sometimes it seems as though the world is crashing all about you, and your problems seem to fill up all that empty space. In (my) theory however, if the universe has no bounds any one point in it could technically be "the center of the universe". Maybe that's why it's so easy to sometimes feel as though we are.

From Flan's blog:
Are we all pregnant??

You may be wondering why I would put this, but honestly, there has GOT to be some reason for all of this teen-angst-drama. It's either that everybody is pregnant at once, or it's just high school. Personally, I'm thinking the first. Which is why I also share from Gracie's blog:


they suck. big time. is it just me, or do ALL boys seem to be PMS'ing ALL THE TIME?! maybe it really is just me, who is being an over reacting baby, but honestly, WHAT THE HECK???

I think Grace framed that quite nicely. Took the words right out of my mouth.

3 Love Notes:

Caroline said...

scary... but attractive, *gowl* what a turn on

Hannah said...

I know... Man. I have NO idea why I put that on. I guess I thought it was interesting.

Anonymous said...

GASP! I have been quoted! This moment shall go down in history.
And as for the whole masks thing; that was deep. I guess, people are just scared of being vulnerable.