Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catching Up.

I can't believe it's snowing. I was wearing shorts with a sweatshirt yesterday -- it was almost 60 -- and I was planning on wearing them again today but Mother Nature decided to play a hilarious trick on everyone's emotions and dumped wet snow on all of our sprouting tulips.

Oh well. I guess that's the norm for spring in Utah.

Did you know that they're thinking about bringing the Olympics back here again for 2022? Bejiing and Torino and especially Vancouver have all been flops compared to the viewership we had here. It's great because we have an international airport just thirty minutes from most of the venues, a major city next to 14(?) ski resorts, a city rail system, and the best snow on earth. It says so on all of our liscense plates--Vancouver couldn't even compete because they actually had to truck some of the US's snow up there for the Olympics (that's embarrassing). We even have the stars from the Sundance Film Festival.

Did you also know that the earthquake in Chile was so big that it actually knocked the earth a fraction (of a fraction) off it's axis? Now our days are one milisecond longer. That's closer to summer!

It feels like lately everyone has been gone. Flan is on a foreign exchange in Indonesia, Amber is on one in Turkey, Olivia is leaving next year on one probably to Italy... At least Emma is coming home today from modeling in Paris for the past two months. I bet she doesn't even remember what real mountains look like. That'll be a shock when she flys over Cottonwood Canyon--I know what it's like when you drive up there to get to my cabin; it's sort of like claustrophobia because the cliffs from the prehistoric glaciers are so close to you on either side, and so jagged, and so dangerous (even the infamous Devil's Spine sticks out of nowhere as soon as you assume that Provo Canyon is more like collective hills). Just like my stepdad when he first moved here from the east. Ha. He deserved it for doubting.

I learned how to make paper cranes last night. Our community is making 1,000 for my cousin who has lukemia, along with all the other patients in the nearby hospital. Doing the origami is fun, but it's a little impulsive and addicting. There are stacks and stacks of little colored squares ready to fold and the minute you're done with one, there's this irrepressible urge to make another.

Maybe that's just because I'm OCD.

By the way, dreams are weird.

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Anonymous said...

Im kinda lonely too.
This year seems weird.
don't worry, im OCD too...but then again, if youre ocd, you usually worry. hah. i just made a joke!
anyway,i had a pretty disturbing dream last put it nicely, i was an assasin. of people i know. kind of like a ninja but not.
that's not funny...ok well, i love oragami...................

cheers. :)