Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is Coming!

I'm really quite the winter person, but lately I've been extremely sick of the random blizzards that keep cropping up every time the thermometer reaches at least 55 degrees.

It happened twice today--flash blizzards. Then it was in the 50's for the rest of the day. I mean, what the heck?!

These are some herbs we're growing on our window sill in the kitchen.

Our circle is looking slightly better.... at least there's not six inches of snow anymore.

Here's a paper crane of hope that I made for my cousin with leukemia. It's just chance that it's pink.... I put it on here because, well, because spring is hope too, I think?

Some flowers Caroline got from Junior Prom. "Fuuuur CUTE!" *gag* Inside joke.

Moving on.
Little purple buds...
Don't they look so smooth, like you could just reach out and touch them...?

This reminds me of that recent post by Franny... 4 Little Trees (or something)

It's almost spring!

And now because it's spring, we have (in our possession now) a new camera, and my kitties were looking too fluffy luscious to pass up, I'm now going to post some pictures of them and Maggie like a crazy old lady. Anyway, here's Mowie basking in the sunlight.

This is how fat she really is...
That's exactly the face he wears about everything.

This is taken right as Caroline walked in wearing only spankies. Maggie is clearly mortified.

Kakoa looking too smug and content for my liking.
Close up of her little nose... a little overwhelming when in full size.

If you click on this picture, it's really cool because it looks like you can just reach out and pet her fur.

Maggie looking forlorn.

I don't exactly know what look Maggie was giving me here, but it was hilarious so I'm putting it on anyways. Caroline says she looks like a moose. If you know the story behind our last dog and how he saved my mom's life, you'll find this ironic. Especially seeing as my mom doesn't like Maggie.

"I'b so excited for spwing!"

You can clearly see our dead grass in the backyard. Revive, dangit! It's warm!

Some brand new, tiny buds in the front yard.

Grow some leaves, willow tree!

Come back alive, climbing roses!

Don't look so depressing, asparagus!

The sage is actually looking pretty good considering it snowed thirty minutes before this was taken.

Look! The grass is actually growing!

Oh crap. I think it's snowing again.

2 Love Notes:

Anonymous said...

i saved the first picture and now it's my background.
I HAVE TO come over and play with that's a neccessity.
oh, and not to be snarky, but above the first picture of maggie, it says "he" instead of "she". I don't know if that's a mistake or not...just kidding. Anyway, just in case you wanted to fix that...
oh and provo was fun.
see you soon.


Hannah said...

And I quote, "If you know the story behind our last dog and how HE saved my mom's life, you'll find this ironic. Especially seeing as my mom doesn't like Maggie."

HE = Marley.