Monday, March 15, 2010

Someone gag me.

I very recently realized that I blab at night. And it doesn't help if I've OD'd on sugar, either.

To my firends, I am desperately sorry. My pitiful being apologizes for my shameless prattle.

To myself....... uh, yeah I probably shouldn't really let myself go like that. Yes, I WOULD rather bottle it up and hide it.

To everyone else--those who have no idea hat I'm talking about: You are blessed.

Golly, I'm such an idiot.

That is all.

I shouldn't post this.

2 Love Notes:

Frabby said...

what, you said two words?
just kidding.
un-needed apology accepted.
feel better.
and email me.

oh, and <3

cheers. :)

Anonymous said...

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