Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I'M DONE!!!!!!
It's DONE!!!!
I got it on Sunday evening and I finished yesterday evening. That's without reading in the night when I'm supposed to be sleeping. Yesterday I read for 6 straight hours. I don't even remember what I ate for breakfast.
IT'S OVER!!!! OH I'M SO SAD!!!!! I tried to drag it out, but, you know..... it didn't work.
No spoilers here! But I do have to say that it's REALLY unexpected. REALLY unexpected. REALLY REALLY REALLY unexpected. Actually, that's one of the chapter titles -- "Woah, sure as heck didn't see that one coming". Also, to mix it up, almost half of the book is in Jacob's view. Way awesome. A must read for all Twilighters. (DUH.)

3 Love Notes:

Caroline said...

no spoilers my eye!! "half the book's in jacobn's view!" nice going

Hannah said...

that isn't a spoiler.

Hannah said...

Dear present Hannah:

This is future Hannah. Burn the book. Get a life. Regain your sanity, or I'll come back and defenestrate you.