Wednesday, August 27, 2008


FINALLY HERE!!! Woohoo. Yep folks, I now officially attend the United States #1 (next to Forks) most POPULAR high school. From my geography classroom we can see the front though our windows and my teacher said that sometimes you can see cars that pull up full of screaming little 10 year old girls who jump out and run around like maniacs taking pictures. But that's another story.

Moving on -- here is my scheduale:
A Day
1. Dance
2. Geometry
3. French
4. Seminary

B Day
1. Geography
2. PE Skills
3. Biology
4. Language Arts

A Day is by FAR my favorite day. Today was my second day of school, so I have experienced both days once. The classes are SO MUCH BETTER THAN MIDDLE SCHOOL YOU CANNOT BELIEVE IT AND YES I AM YELLING IF IT SEEMS THAT WAY BECAUSE I AM TYPING IN CAPITALS.

Things are way fun. Je'Taime fran├žis! I can't wait to go back to the A Day tomorrow!

I hope to write every day, by the way. I think I mentioned that a few posts ago. Ah well.

Oh and in that picture at the top, you'll notice in HSM3 if you see it, the EAST HIGH SCHOOL sign thing will be different. I've seen it--It has like the New Mexico flag on either side.
The second picture is my cafeteria. Fo Sho. The thing behind the main actors is presently hanging in our big gym. I think that Disney gave it to us (they actually did a lot for us, like souping up our sound systems and painting our lockers -- hey, as a treat I'll get a picture of Sharpay's locker for you, it's particularly a preppy pink and right next to the counseling center) Yes, any of you random people who googled Highschool Musical for any bit of information and got this post, it's the EXACT GYM that ZAC EFFRON STOOD AND FILMED ALL YOUR FAVORITE BASKETBALL SCENES IN. Gag. Yeah in gym today I was just sitting on the bleachers, while the coach was talking about the disclosure, and staring at the floor remembering all the movie cameras and California directors running around between shots and squirting Effron so he looked like he was all sweaty and sexy (details on that a few posts back). Weird memories. Well, I've been droning on about that movie for a few paragraphs now so I figure it's time to shut up. Oh well.
Happy Birthday Hudson!

2 Love Notes:

Fern said...

just something i thought i might say.. my neighbor has a vizsla named max he is so sweet! they are super cute and nice dogs!! anyways he has a facebook if you want to be his friend..i made it for him and he has like 6 friends maybe... his name is max babst. yeah ok. see ya! oh yeah also i think i like A day better too, y'know with dance and all. so fun!

vern said...

yay! im glad you like east hannah! i love seeing you there!!!