Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Busy Summer


My summer has been SO busy, and I just want to relax! I had:

1. Graduation (beginning June 5th)
2. Straight to a "end of Clayton" party sleepover
3. Next day (at the sleepover) is my birthday (no complaints there)
4. My Mom took a week of of work so we could do major spring cleaning.
5. Go up to my cabin for a week.
6. Came back and went somewhere else I don't remember where.
7. Had three days then went to LDS GIRLS CAMP for a week.
8. Had three days then went to Saint George for a week.
9. Had two days then went up to my cabin.
10. Going back to cabin in a couple of days.
That's alot for two months! I'm dying here because we've only had a couple days between each thing, and any time that we've had at home is instantly spent with something productive. Yuck.
Ok, so yesterday I just got back from a trip up to my cabin with my cousin, and as soon as we get back, WE PAINT THE GARAGE, A COUPLE OF CHAIRS, AND TOM'S STUDIO. The NEXT day. Besides, last night I stayed up till 1 AM for Stephanie Meyer's new addition to the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. The party was a blast and I'll tell about that later but my point is that we were DEAD tired.

All in all, I have only hung out with friends 5 times this summer.
Camp was great. Our ward--being the most....highspirited...--pranked every night. . . maybe even twice on a few nights. There was a bear spotting 1 mile away but the leaders lied so we wouldn't freak out and told us there were rumors of bears 10 MILES AWAY. Lovely. Our camp was ransacked by raccoons the first night though. Highpoint was probably when we were canoeing on the lake and Flannery M., Annie P., and I were the "pirates" of the camp. We would pull up close to the little behives canoes trying to "enitiate contact" and then suddenly take their oars and paddle away as fast as possible. We actually did pretty well, and after about 15 minutes of pillage and plunder boats we hadn't even touched before knew not to trust us and would scream "IT'S THE PIRATES!!!" and paddle away before we could call out anything. Don't worry though, by the end we gave back all the paddles. Though a word of advice to you people - try to have an even number of people paddling on a canoe. And don't ever fall out because once you spill, you really can't get back in without severe pain.

Saint George was a blast. We stayed at my Grandma's condo. It had a deck and a real nice pool. Caroline and I both slept on queen sized beds. The following are pictures I took with my phone.This is a picture I took of the deck and pool.
This is an arch in some of the goonie land.
The St. George narrows. You really had to squeeze through! Nicknamed "Fat man's agony". Pinky to thumb width at places. Pretty blue sky on top of the narrows. Orange sandstone decorates the landscape.It was SO FRIGGIN HOT THERE! Ty looking around in some of the caves, beginning of the narrows
Hamilton and all of us playling in a tech store. There was a decoration Halo helmet there, and...well... you can see. Saying goodbye to the sun on the way home.

Anyway, St. George was a blast. What's next? Oh yeah, the cabin. It was great! My cousin persuaded us to watch like every Jackie Chan movie ever made, but in the end the worth it. We got to shoot a 22 rifle up in Ceder Hollow and a 40 year old 22 handgun 6 shot revolver.

The rifle was my uncle's and the handgun was my Grandpa's, but he gave it to my uncle. Mark (the uncle) has many more guns and is an amazing teacher. He has taught many gun classes and we were VERY safe and "green". We made sure to pick up all the shells from the bullets and for targets we looked around and found a few Coke/Pepsi cans that were litered and brought them home when we were done.

OK OK last one now. Ugh, this is getting tiring.

The Breaking Dawn party at Barnes and Noble in Sugarhouse. If you don't understand anything that I am gonna say about any Twilight book, well tough luck, but I'm saying it anyway. The party was really fun! I dressed up as Jane, one of the people in the Volturi (like the vampire mafia). It was SO cool. I had a real big black cloak with a freaky hood, a black skirt that was like linen from Forever 21, and a white shirt that was fancy frilly (don't really know how to describe it) tucked in a little. For makeup I had bright red eyeshadow over my eyes - I couldn't put in red contacts so that had to do- slight mix of purple eyeshadow UNDER my eyes so it looked like I was "suffering from a sleepless night, or just recovering from a broken nose". Then I had a little bit of sparklies on my cheekbones. It was way cool cause I always kept my hood up and tried to be emotionless. There was a costume contest and that was great cause I got like 20 invatations to go but when I got up on the stage I tripped over my cape and my shoes squeaked. Not too smooth.

There was also booths of "Ask Alice" so you could get your fortune told through tarot cards. I schooled everyone at the trivia from volenteers walking around with questions about the books, and got 6 sets of Breaking Dawn stickers, a pin, and a set of vampire teeth.

My AWESOME NEIGHBOR AND PERSON WHO I BABYSIT FOR, Carly, took us (Me, Olivia, Flannery, and Chloe) down there and stayed to hang out. That girl is SO cool, I love her. She wasn't going to get her book at B & N because it was unnecesarily expensive so when it was time [ominus voice] she went inside and sat right next to the window and as we sorta jokingly not seriously dared her, she shoved her face against the window, filled up her cheeks with air, and blew a HUGE rasberry into the window. It was SO gross and hilarious. We didn't expect her to really do it but, OH WELL!

Well, that's as much typing as I can stand for now, so LATER.

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