Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Max (on the 6th)

Happy Birthday little buddy! As your present, I have made you a little collage of all the pictures of you on my phone:

2 Love Notes:

vern said...

Hey hannah i love these pictures of max it was fun to get to know him at the party this is veropnica by the way you know i have a friend whose last name is Bytheway hahah lol well yah did you like the assembly today i did it was better than last year! soo much better the cheerleaders where more entertaining and did more cool stuff! i think it was because carrie was in there hahaha but my fav part was when the seniors where kicked out hahaha HILARRRRRRRRRRRRIOUSS!! k see ya next week!

Hannah said...

i know, that was great! hahahah